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November 20, 2013:
A popular and affordable gift idea for anyone who wants to project video from smartphones and tablets. Yahoo lists streaming projectors among top gift ideas.


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Streaming Projector With Up To 120 Inch Display Size

Portable Battery-Powered System Perfect For People On The Go

Streaming projectors are the latest "must have" gadget for a generation on the go, and are expected to be a hit will college students and people with limited space who may not wish to invest in large, heavy HDTV sets and the associated paraphenalia. Projectors with streaming ability can connect to internet video services and deliver all of the content that people have come to want. For example, the 3M projector with Roku plugs people in to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and a host of other services. For those of you with children, the advantage of a "take anywhere" player becomes obvious, since any flat surface can become a TV screen for kids. These projectors also have headphone attachments so you can monitor your child's viewing habits without having to hear everything. Basically, anyplace with a WiFi connection is an opportunity for viewing your favorite shows and movies! Players offer access to 600 channels, popular TV series offerings, sporting events, and movies. Sets with "streaming sticks" also let you watch online content on TVs and computers with an MHL port. Furthermore, projectors also have HDMI inputs so your phone, DVD (or Blu-Ray player) and enabled tablet computer can be used. As a business tool, streaming projectors let you stream presentations and other material to the projector, saving you the expense and space associated with other projection devices.

Some typical criticisms of consumer-grade projectors and streaming projectors include a lower resoultion, dimmer display, and manual focus requirements which may be beyond a small child's abilites. Whenever price and convenience are factors for projection, there are sacrifices in image quality and sharpness, which may be bad for an AV fan but are normally not as big of an issue for people who just want entertainment or an alternative for amusement when they can't have the "real thing."

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Note that any projector's battery life will vary depending on the type of content and brightness of the screen. Also, many of these projectors will give 720p HD, but not the usual standard 1080p you might be looking for. Those projectors are more expensive, but may be worth it.